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Jose Gutierrez-Lopez

PhD candidate in Natural Resources

My background is in forestry and sustainable management of forest resources, degree I obtained at the Technological Institute of the Oaxaca Valley (ITVO) in Oaxaca, Mexico. My masters degree is in sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University, U.S.A., where I worked with soil moisture and water storage dynamics and stable isotopes to assess the ecohydrological impacts of the reintroduction of native vegetation into agricultural watersheds.

Over the course of my academic and professional career I have worked with plant (water uptake depth, evapotranspiration), and soil (soil moisture dynamics, soil water storage) processes, their interactions, and the effects these processes have at the watershed and landscape scale. In recent years I have developed a deep interest in understanding the implication of the interactions between plant, water and soil to the overall stability of the environment in which they occur, and more importantly, how humans and other living organisms might be influenced. 

My PhD research is part of a NSF-PIRE funded research project entitled: Sustainability, Ecosystem Services and Bioenergy Development across the Americas. My work will focus on understanding the ecohydrological implications of the production of biomass for biofuels in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. On a personal level, I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to emerging environmental challenges in a way that completely matches the core of my professional long-term goals: to enhance understanding of the interactions among different components of an ecosystem as a basis for the development of sustainable management alternatives.

email: Jose Gutierrez-Lopez