mycorrhizal sporocarps

processing increment cores

Tapajos National Forest, Brazil

sugar maple canopy

Cortinarius violaceus sporocarp

ice storm

streamflow at Hubbard Brook
fungal rhizomorphs in an ingrowth core








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Publications by Matthew A. Vadeboncoeur

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Other Research Products

Vadeboncoeur, MA.  2013.  Mechanisms of nutrient limitation and nutrient acquisition in managed and unmanaged forest ecosystems.  Ph.D. Dissertation, University of New Hampshire.  full-text PDF

Fahey TJ, Carranti FJ, Driscoll CT, Foster DR, Gwyther PS, Hall B, Hamburg SP, Jenkins JC, Jenkins JP, Neill C, Ollinger SV, Peery BW, Quigley EE, Raciti S, Sherman R, Thomas RQ, Vadeboncoeur MA, Weinstein D, Wilson G, Woodbury P, Yandik W. 2011.  Carbon and Communities: Linking Carbon Science with Public Policy and Resource Management in the Northeastern United States. Hanover, NH: Hubbard Brook Research Foundation. Science Links 1(4). http://hubbardbrookfoundation.org/carbon/

Vadeboncoeur, MA.
  2003.  Using GIS to prioritize land for management in the conservation of a rare species.  Sc.B. Thesis, Brown University.  full-text PDF

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