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Ecophysiologial consequences of Drought in Amazonia

M. Vadeboncoeur and H. Asbjornsen
in collaboration with Mike Palace, Rafael Oliveira, and others.

Tropical forests of Amazonia play a critical role in the global climate system, due their high productivity and transpiration rates.  Severe regional droughts in 2005 and 2010 caused scientists to rethink the vulnerability of these ecosystems to global change. 

We are studying the effects of previous droughts and a four-year experimental drought, the Seca Floresta experiment at the Tapaj√≥s National Forest and nearby plots which experienced only natural droughts.  In collaboration with Brazilian colleagues, we will examine time series of tree growth and water use efficiency calculated from carbon isotope ratios in annual growth rings.

We are exploring additional sampling elsewhere in the Amazon region, and would welcome additional collaboration with other dendrochronology researchers.

These metrics of tree growth and water stress will be compared with remote sensing time series of canopy greenness and structure.

This project is funded by NASA-IDS.